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Clear Bra Packages


Clear Bra Burbank

Ceramic Pro Burbank installs the best Clear Bra Burbank has to offer. When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, Clear Bra is the answer. Clear Bra is a paint protective film (PPF) that will add a smooth clear layer of protection to your car and keep your paint looking fresh. Clear Bra will protect your vehicle from paint chipping, dirt, debris, road salt and scratches. At Ceramic Pro Burbank, our technicians are experts when it comes to Clear Bra Burbank installation. We apply the Clear Bra paint protectant to the front-facing areas of the car which include your bumper, hood, fenders and any parts of your car that will make contact with the ground to keep them protected. The film is extremely clean, stain resistant and has a self cleaning effect.

At Ceramic Pro Burbank we work directly with Xpel, the leader in the paint protectant film market and it is by far the clearest paint coating in the industry. Xpel is known for its superior clarity and gloss over other brands. We’ve been working with Xpel for the last decade and can guarantee the product’s high quality results. Xpel conducts their national trainings that our technicians attend, so our team is always up to date receiving the best training on installations and are first to know about any new techniques or product lines. The Xpel film will make sure your vehicle’s color stays the same after applying the film with. The Clear Bra formula will protect your vehicle from rock chips on these crazy Los Angeles roads. At Ceramic Pro Burbank, our most popular packages are full hood, full fenders and A-pillars coverage. We highly recommend doing the full Clear Bra kit to get full coverage so you can see lasting results on your car.

Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Paint Chipping
  • Rock Chips
  • Road Salt
  • Bugs
  • Scratches
  • Tree Sap

Featured Package: Full Front Kit

  • Entire coverage of hood (with wrapped edges)
  • Full fender coverage (with wrapped edges)
  • Bumper coverage
  • Front side mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Rear luggage area

We Use the Best Quality Clear Bra Film On the Market

Ceramic Pro Burbank installs the best Clear Bra Burbank has to offer. Clear Bra is the best paint protection on the market for your car. Clear Bra will protect your vehicle from scratches, rock chips, debris and more!

Living in Los Angeles area, we spend a lot of time on the road. If you’re anything like us at Ceramic Pro Bubank, than you truly love your car and take pride in taking it out on the road. That’s why keeping it in mint condition and looking it’s best is truly important. If you’re willing to spend thousands on a new car, why not protect it’s paint to keep your car looking it best and help it maintain it’s value. Whether you’re driving on an unpaved road or leaving your car in the hot sun, it’s important to take precautions to protect your vehicle’s paint. That’s why we choose Clear Bra at Ceramic Pro Bubank. Our technicians installs the best Clear Bra Burbank has to offer. You’ll know we take pride in quality after we’re done servicing your car. Come see us today!


Xpel is the best paint protection film in the business. It has a clear protective coating and a glossy finish. It provides invisible protection from minor scratches, dirt, debris and insects. It has a self healing effect and is resistant to cracking and scratches. Our Xpel Clear Bra package comes with a ten-year warranty.